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The water-based wood lacquers we provide represent a breakthrough in coatings technology where it is now possible to replace and exceed conventional solvent-based paints in terms of specific performance parameters. Unlike traditional water-based systems, it consists of modified polysiloxane resin (Modified Silicone) that imparts excellent hardness, water resistance, leveling and satin and gloss at many different rates to the resultant dry film.

Our products match solvent-based lacquers in terms of drying/curing ability and the former is actually superior in terms of water resistance. Dry film of our products can resist boiling water for prolonged periods of exposure without blushing. In addition, our products can overcome the problem of grain raising that is typical of water-based coatings on wooden substrates. It can cure at ambient temperature and does not require additional heat curing.

We have wide variety of products applicable on different materials including solid wood, MDF, … and fibre materials such as bamboo, rattan, water-hyacinth, banana leaf, sedge, … Besides, we have a system of very special products second to one that other suppliers even conventional water-based lacquer suppliers can not provide, including products keeping the natural colour of wood or materials nearly completely, anti-tannin lacquers that prevent white coatings from yellowing, water-proof products esp. for exterior application, electrostatic systems, …

Our products are formulated to be environmentally friendly and are free from conventional toxins like heavy metals, azo, aromatic solvents, formaldehyde, isocyanate and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). The total volatile organic content (TVOC) of our water-based lacquers is in compliance with the most strictly environmental regulations. The transformation of water-based wood coatings from solvent-based systems is thus complete with our products.


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