Exterior water-based wood paint – Solution for extreme weather

Wood paint from Biochem’s water-based system meets the highest safety standards. Compared to solvent-based paints, it also has superior quality advantages.

Biochem Water-Based Wood Paint

Biochem International Biotechnology Corporation (Biochem) is one of the units producing in this trend. Biochem has continuously developed and produced water-based wood paint products. With over 20 years in the industry, Biochem is fully experienced. We ensure to provide the best products and services for everyone.

Biochem water-based wood paint meets the highest safety standards for health.

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Biochem water-based wood paint meets the safest health standards.

All Biochem water-based paint products meet the highest safety standards. Compared to solvent-based paints, they also have superior quality advantages. In this article, Biochem will share the outstanding advantages of water-based paint coatings.

The difference between water-based wood paint and traditional solvent-based paint

Chemically, the paint film formation process occurs through two mechanisms. The paint film changes from liquid to solid due to the solvent evaporation. Then, there is a reaction between the polymer and the hardener. Therefore, the formation of the paint film depends on the solvent evaporating. Some single-component paints that can be mentioned are water-based epoxy paint, water-based PU paint, acrylic-based paint, or even single-component solvent-based paint.

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Compare the difference between solvent paint and water based.

In addition, two-component solvent-based paints usually have a film-forming mechanism through solvent evaporation. It is the reaction between the polymer and the hardener. The most common two-component paints are PU and Epoxy. Because of this fundamental difference, the application methods of these two types differ.

In the application method, single-component paints are pre-prepared. Therefore, no mixing is required during use. However, two-component paints are recommended to be mixed and used in certain proportions. They are difficult to preserve after use and mixing.

Advantages of water-based wood paint.

Safety and protecting the health of workers and consumers

In traditional solvent-based paint formulations, the dry solid content usually accounts for about 25%. The majority is organic solvents such as toluene, xylene, and trimethylbenzene. VOC compounds can easily transition from liquid to vapor state at room temperature and pressure. Prolonged exposure to VOCs can pose significant health risks, especially in enclosed or poorly ventilated work environments. Moreover, for carpenters and factory workers who are most exposed to VOCs.


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Biochem water-based paints are safer and less odorous than solvent-based paints

Biochem Wood Paint offers a safe choice. They are also less odorous than traditional solvent-based paints. Water-based paint usually uses water as a solvent. Mainly relying on the evaporation of water to form the paint film. It is worth noting that Biochem’s paint products contain about 95% benign organic compounds. Compared to traditional solvent-based paints, they become safer and less odorous.

Convenience During Application

The convenience and ease of use of Biochem’s Water-Based Wood Paint are undeniable. As a single-component paint, it is easy to prepare, use, and clean. Biochem’s water-based paint provides comprehensive solutions for various wood applications. Applications include Sealer, pigmented Satin, protective Topcoat, and spray adhesives. Biochem provides solutions for every challenge in the wood processing industry.

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The application process, without mixing, is similar to the conventional PU coating process.

Odorless Application

The advantage of Biochem’s Water-Based Wood Paint is its ease of use in odor-sensitive environments. Unlike solvent-based paints, which often require extensive ventilation to minimize odors. Moreover, this helps reduce the risk of fire and explosion. Biochem’s solvent-free, low-odor paint allows work in odor-sensitive environments. Such as residential areas, offices, shopping centers, restaurants, and hotels.

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Water-based wood paint can be applied in places where no odor is required.

Quality and durability 

Biochem’s water-based wood paint has superior properties. They are suitable for various environmental conditions:

  • Fast drying: At room temperature (eg NC paint).
  • Excellent waterproof effect: Therefore, they are suitable for kitchen furniture, bathrooms, and exteriors.
  • Superior UV resistance: especially the anti-yellowing ability of white paint. This is the current advantage of Biochem’s exterior wood coatings. Unlike other water-based paints, they cannot achieve this.
  • Health and safety of production workers and users, especially children. 
  • Diverse types: Easy to use, flexible Can be applied with various equipment: spray guns, rollers, electrostatic systems (with spray guns/discs).
  • Cost and Maintenance Time Savings: By choosing Biochem’s Water-Based Wood Paint, consumers benefit from cost savings. Moreover, maintenance efforts are also minimized. This solution ensures the protection of product surfaces. They help eliminate the need for extensive maintenance.
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Saving cost and product maintenance time is one of the factors consumers should consider.

The product is researched and exclusively distributed in Vietnam by Biochem Joint Stock Corporation. For further inquiries, please contact:

Hotline: (+84-28) 3620 4207 / 3620 4208

Email: contact@biochem.vn

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