Biochem’s paint – some facts and figures representing Biochem’s achievement within 15-year journey

In the past 15 years, Biochem’s grew by leap and bound. Average annual revenue growth rate was over 30%. Occupying factory and warehouse are of 10.000 m2, Biochem is now employing 150 staffs and specialists. sơn gỗ hệ nước nhà cung cấp biochem In the past, water based wood coating was underperformed when compared with solvent based coating. However, through intense research and development in nano technology, water based wood coating has been improved. Today, water based wood coating performs in par or even outshine solvent base coating in terms of durability, aesthetic, costing, safety to human health and environment.

Growing by understanding market needs.

Biochem International Joint Stock Company (Biochem) was originated from Cam Linh Co., Ltd. It was established in January 2002 with two founding members specializing in fabric printing ink with a meager capital of 5,000 USD. quy-trinh-son-go-he-nuoc-biochem In 2004, Cam Linh Co., Ltd. began to cooperate with Malaysian partners to expand the business into water-based wood paint which was a completely new product to the Vietnamese market at that time. Realizing the potential of the market, Cam Linh Co., Ltd cooperated with Malaysian partner to form a joint venture company namely Biochem International Joint Stock Company in August 2006. The joint venture built a factory on an area of ​​2,500m2 on a 1-hectare campus. quy-trinh-son-go-he-nuoc-biochem-nhan-vien Laying the first foundation for market penetration, in 2008, the company began to approach Swedish IKEA customers through seminars introducing water-based products. In 2009, when IKEA started to gradually switching from solven based to water based paint, Biochem began supplying water based wood coating for several furniture factories of this group in Vietnam. Another turning point is when US leading furniture wholesalers and retailer, Williams Sonoma Corporation, started to use water based paint for environmentally friendly and safe furniture products for children. Biochem had successfully providing water based wood coating to one of the largest retailer of high-end furniture segment in the world. nha-may-son-go-he-nuoc-biochem-thiet-ke (4) As Biochem’s goal and mission is continuously improving the quality of products and services to customer, Biochem had gained the trust of majority customers in developed countries such as US, Australia and Europe Union.  From the round zero, Biochem built a new factory in early 2017. The total area of ​​the factory was 4,000m2 with a total investment of about 20 billion Vietnam dong.

Gain success through product better quality of facilities, product and service.

With new production facilities, International Biochemistry Joint Stock Company (Biochem) has created a more professional and comfortable working environment for 150 employees. Combined with better control product quality, on-time delivery and higher sales revenu growth, employees are able to enjoy better quality of life and income. nhà máy thi công sơn gỗ hệ nước biochem Since then, Biochem grown into one of the largest and most reputable water-based wood coating companies in the Vietnamese furniture market with an average growth rate of 30-50% over the past 15 years. In 2018, marking the first year that the company exported wood paint to the Thailand market. In 2020, this number paint exported to Thailand has growth more than 200%. Difficulties in the early days of starting a business are both a challenge and a driving force for creating good new values. These successes come from the spirit of continuous improvement to improve the quality of products and services, user health and safety, and environmental friendliness. That is the mission that Biochem has pursued for the past 15 years.

Success comes from constant efforts.

In order to obtain results for more than a decade, all employees of International Biochemistry Joint Stock Company (Biochem) have worked enthusiastically, devoted themselves, and are always present at all times to accompany them. customers, manage and control the quality of each product. Since then, the collective’s productivity has been improved, bringing satisfaction and confidence about quality, reputable and reliable Biochem products to customers.đội ngũ lãnh đạo sơn gỗ hệ nước biochem

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