Letter of congratulations on the Tiger New Year 2022 from the management of Biochem Vietnam

Entering the Year of the Tiger 2022, Biochem is committed to continuous improvement and innovation to bring better and more cost efficient product to customers. The Tiger New Year 2022 is approaching, let’s join the Biochem Board of Directors to give each other the best wishes to have a new year with lots of luck, health and success.

The New Year’s greeting letter 2022 from the Board of Directors of Biochem company.

Dear: Employees of Biochem International Joint Stock Company (Biochem)

Closing a turbulance year of 2021, the BIOCHEM family has been through many ups and downs together over the past year, when almost everyone in the coating industry in general has endure tension, struggle and confusion. The hardships continue in the event of constant fluctuations of raw material prices and interrupted supply chain. Such difficulties and uncertainty might continue in the year of 2022.

Although Biochem’s operation had been heavily affected by few months suspension due to Covid-19 epidemic, Biochem has overcome the most difficult period and gradually expanding into new markets and segments.

With the hadworks and great efforts of each member of the Biochem family, we are proud of our strong solidarity and determination surviving this difficult time. Our team’s unity will bring Biochem boat across turbulance ocean into prosperous shore in not too distant future. That is the reason for all of us, from the Board of Directors to each staff member, shall become more and more dedicated in the work, more refined in each decision made, and then walk more firmly on the road we have chosen: to become one of the leading water-based wood coating suppliers in domestic and foreign markets.

On the occasion of celebrating the Lunar New Year, on behalf of the Board of Directors of the Company, I would like to send wishes to all employees of the Company and their families a sincere and best New Year’s greeting. Wishing the BIOCHEM family a very Happy New Year – Good Luck, Health and Prosperity.

Happy New Year!




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